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The handgun safety class is intended for beginner pistol
shooters desiring to get the Oregon handgun safety certificate
as prerequisite to application for a concealed handgun
license in the State of Oregon.

This class is an all day class with three to four hours of
classroom instruction in the morning with two to four hours of
range instruction in the afternoon.

This class covers: handgun safety, handgun operation,
nomenclature, concealed carry practicalities, concealed
carry law, self defense law, handgun safety practicals on the

Please bring:
Pistol, 150 rounds ammunition, magazines, belt holster, mag
carrier, weather appropriate clothing, good shoes / boots,
pen, paper, lunch, water, and a good learner's attitude.
The Tactical Toolbox provides different levels of training to meet the customer's individual needs.  Classes are conducted on a private range by NRA certified trainers.  The following training is currently available:
Defensive Pistol 101 gives the shooter the basic component skills useful for defenseive shooting.  These skill sets are the foundation on which advanced shooting techniques will build.

**Defensive Pistol 101 requires attendance of the handgun safety class or the student demonstrating basic safe handgun shooting skills prior to attending.

**Devensive Pistol 101 is a prerequisite for Basic Carbine 1.

This class covers:
Handgun safety, operation, the draw stroke unconcealed, draw stroke from concealment, reloads (tactical), malfunction clearance, positional shooting, shooting from cover, shooting on the move, and tactical awareness.

Please bring:
Pistol, three magazines minimum, belt, holster, concealment holster (optional), magazine carriers, concealment garment, hearing/eye protection, knee/elbow pads, fingerless or shooting gloves (optional), appropriate clothing, good boots/shoes, pen, paper, lunch, lots of water, sunscreen or appropriate sun gear, and a good attitude.
Basic Carbine 1 is the first in a two-part, two day class.  It starts by teaching safety, operation, and military shooting doctrine.  This class provides the basis for learning how to properly operate a carbine rifle and hit targets from 25-300 yards.  The philosophy for this class is to lay the proper accuracy foundation on which to build tactical/combat carbine skills sets.  One day range

** Prerequisite class: None

This class covers:
Safety, carbine operation, loading, unloading, reloads, prone, sitting, kneeling, standing shooting positions, practical accuracy from 25-300 yards, point of impact shift at various ranges, and iron sight adjustment.

No optics allowed in this class: irons only.
Advanced Handgun Accuracy is a class every pistoleer should take.  It covers pushing the pistol beyond the limits of its own accuracy to achieve realistic hits on small to mediam sized targets.  Too many shooters sell their pistol and skills short and so do not even attempt what is possible.  This is a half-day range class.  A .22 cal pistol will be provided.  The student will use his own centerfire pistol by the end of the class.

**Prerequisites: none

This class covers:
Safety, pistol operation, fundamentals of shooting, applied fundamentals to extreme accuracy, extreme accuracy for the student's pistol, and long range shooting techniques.

Please bring:
Centerfire pistol, magazines, 100 rounds ammuntion, eye/ear protection, weather appropriate clothing, good shoes  water, snacks, good attitude.  Attitude is key.  This is a tough class.
Basic Carbine 2 builds on foundation laid by Carbine 1, applying the skills of practical accuracy and solid shooting fundamentals to the real world of less-than-ideal shooting positions/conditions.  This class applies the fundamentals to use of cover and movement.  It covers reloads, malfunction clearance, rapid fire, shooting on the move, types of cover, tactical shooting stances, ambidextrous shooting, transitions, transitions to pistol, point of impact from 5 feet to 300 yards.  Unlike other classes of this sort, the fundamentals will be applied from the perspective of civillian real world usefulness.  This class isn't about SWAT.  It is about defensive civillian use.  All day range class.

** Prerequisite class: Defensive Pistol 101, Basic Carbine 1
Guerrilla Sniper is a civillian based snipering class to combine the fundamentals of long range rifle shooting, proper use of camouflage, and covert movement.  This class is taught by an associated trainer, brought in by The Tactical Toolbox to provide the highest quality training.  Three-day class, flexible days (such as three Saturdays).

This class covers:
Safety, carbine operation, loading, unloading, reloads, tactical reloads, malfunction clearance, tactical stances, rapid fire shooting, ambidextrous rifle use, point of impact 0-300 yards, transition to pistol, shooting from cover and on the move, civillian defensive situations.  Optics are allowed and encouraged.
Please bring:
Compact binoculars, carbine rifle, magazines, 500 rounds ammunition, tactical sling (preferably the TT3 series), pistol, belt holster, magazines, 50 pistol rounds ammuntion, magazine carriers for rifle and pistol, eye/ear protection, ground contact protection (knee/elbow pads), weather appropriate clothing, good boots/shoes, water, lunch, snacks, pen, paper.

Please bring:
Carbine rifle, magazines, 200 rounds ammunition, eye/ear protection, ground contact protection, weather appropriate clothing, good boots/shoes, water, lunch, snacks, pen, paper.

Prerequisites: good rifle shooting fundamentals, in shape -- if the student doesn't have these, the class won't be much fun.
Please bring:
Centerfire rifle, sighted in, 100 to 200 rounds ammuntion, rimfire rifle, 200 rounds ammuntion, lunch, water, good clothing, binoculars, pen, paper, hearing/eye protection, good boots, good attitude, contact Tactical Toolbox for more requirements.
Call: 541-268-1974  email: