LE/Mil Sales Policy

During this time where there is much talk of banning firearms and foisting tyranny upon the people via a multitude of regulations ultimately designed to wrest arms and liberty from the hands of the citizen, it is time for the industry of freedom to make a stand.

Firstly, we need to recognize that depriving the individual of the liberty of arms, or the limiting thereof, is not a mere regulation, it is a direct attack on life without due process of law.  If one is limited to only certain means of defense, is it not death he must choose should the circumstances require something outside the limit of his options?  So, a regulation on the means of defense is certainly a death sentence.  In this country it is held to be self evident that a man has a right to life.  And his life should only be forfeit after due process has run its course.  No law is due process in and of itself; it requires a court.

Secondly, registration is the road to death due to lack of defense against an oppressive government which can decide to exterminate unwanted factions of its now unarmed and defenseless people.  Governments are not to be trusted with registration information.  The historical evidence is clear enough from the abuses governments have perpetrated upon their own citizens in the last century alone.  How many million Jews, Russians, Chinese, Pols, and others have to die to make this point any clearer?

Thirdly, we must realize that restrictions upon the civilian population are not to rid a society of arms.  The purpose is to concentrate arms possession to one class of individuals.  This creates a real imbalance of power and always ends in violence of some sort.  In the case of governments, they should derive their power, even firepower, from the people.  Arms restrictions dissociate this power derivative.

In light of these things, it is in the best interest of both the citizen and this business to not sell to or provide service for firearms in possession of law enforcement in localities where the same firearms are banned or restricted from widespread civilian possession.  More clearly, this means any law enforcement or governmental agency located where civilians are banned or restricted from possession (or regulated into de-facto restriction) will be restricted in like kind: no sales or service to that agency of any arms or parts restricted to the general public.  This business will not contribute in any way to a deadly imbalance of power and all the inevitable results.

Sam McAllister, Owner


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