Lancer's L5 AWM features a body made of advanced polymers from the aerospace industry.  Lancer Systems normally makes bushings for Apache helicopters.  The L5 AWM is the final stage in an evolution of advanced magazines.  The body features stainless steel feed lips for rugged durability under conditions that would destroy other polymer magazines.  The body won't bend or dent like a steel or aluminum magazine and the follower is an anti-tilt design to aid reliable feeding.  In the Smoke model, the rounds in the magazine can be seen so that the user can always know how many rounds he has left.  The opaque models are economical alternatives to the translucent models.  This is, quite simply, the best magazine on the market.  It will serve any shooter for decades.  This is The Tactical Toolbox's prime choice for magazines for competition, self defense and duty use.

L5 AWM Smoke (unavailable)

L5 AWM Black Opaque

L5 AWM Dark Earth Opaque

L5 AWM Olive Drab Opaque

L5 AWM Foliage Green Opaque

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In Stock Now!
In Stock Now!
The Tactical Toolbox trusts very few suppliers of AR15 / M16 magazines.  While not all are represented here on this page, a few are in stock regularly and for sale.  The most trusted of these is Lancer's L5 Advanced Warfighter Magazine.  The others are superior magazines, guarranteed directly by The Tactical Toolbox.  But Lancer's offering is still far above the rest in features and performance.
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MSRP: $19 ea.
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