Scribe AAA
The Scribe AAA is less than 4'' long and weighs just
over 2 ounces, making it easy to carry in a shirt or
pants pocket. It has the size and feel of a fine writing
instrument but also the ruggedness, reliability and
intensity of a backup duty light.

Driven by a constant current circuit board, the Scribe
AAA's latest XPG2 LED produces 130 lumens of light
as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard. It has a
continuous runtime of about 90 minutes. A
sophisticated heat management system controls the
body temperature of the light protecting it from
The Scribe AAA is built to professional law enforcement
standards. The 6061 aerospace aluminum is anodized
with matte black Type III hardcoat and accented with
Black Chrome, 18K Gold or Electroless Nickel. Every
Scribe AAA has a heat-treated removeable pocket clip.
A precision ground glass lens is optically coated on
both sides, and the mirror polished aluminum reflector
provides a penetrating central beam with a room-
illuminating halo.
The Scribe light accepts universally available AAA
alkaline batteries. Also available through ASP: newly
introduced Energizer AAA lithium power cells that run
up to eight times (8X) longer than their alkaline
ASP Lights
Turbo USB and CR
The Turbo USB and the Turbo CR are designed with the latest Cree XML2 LED technology and produce a stunningly brilliant 700 lumens of ultra white light as measured against the ANSI FL-1 Standard.

Both lights in the Turbo Family also have several key features, including a 3-position, quiet switch (intermittent, locking and constant-on) and a foamed, vinyl grip that is durable yet tacky and provides insulation from the heat these types of lights give off.

Two CR123A batteries fuel the Turbo CR while the Turbo USB runs off one custom 18650-Lithium Ion rechargeable battery with a protection circuit module to prevent overcharging or short-circuiting. The battery indicator on the Turbo USB blinks red when charging and turns solid green when fully charged.

The Turbo USB has a continuous runtime of approximately 90 minutes and the Turbo CR has a continuous runtime of about one hour. The Turbo CR comes with two CR123A batteries and has a detachable and reversible pocket clip. The Turbo USB comes with a Micro USB to USB retractable cord, a car charger and a wall charger. Both come with a zippered travel case and a lifetime warranty.
700 Lumens
Tungsten USB

The Tungsten USB can be recharged on the go
using a laptop computer or any micro USB cellphone
ASP's Transitional Lights are intermediate size lights
with full size performance. They have machined grips
and advanced user interfaces.
Powered by ASP's custom-made 18650-Lithium Ion
battery, the Tungsten USB's latest XPG2 LED light
produces a powerful 350 lumens of ultra-white light
with a continuous runtime of approximately two
hours. The Tungsten USB's battery has a protection
circuit module to prevent overcharging or short-
circuiting, and the battery indicator on the light
blinks red when charging and turns solid green
when fully charged.

The linear form factor of the Tungsten USB makes it
easily carried lens up or lens down. It’s built with
precision-machined high strength aluminum with a
Type 3 matte black, hard coat anodized finish. It has
a 3-position switch (intermittent, locking and
constant-on). The center locking position guards
against accidental activation.
The Tungsten USB comes with a detachable and
reversible pocket clip, a Micro USB to USB
retractable cord, a car charger, a wall charger and a
zippered travel case.
Sapphire USB
The Sapphire USB introduces a new technology to
personal lighting tools. The light is bright, reliable and
conveniently clipped. The shockproof Sapphire is small
enough to be your constant companion, yet powerful
enough to be your first choice for safety. Here is a
Lifetime of LightŪ . . . where and when you need it. The
brilliant Nichia LED produces a high efficiency, non-
deteriorating solid state beam. It provides soft
illumination with a 180° viewing radius that is visible
over one mile. The system is so advanced that we
guarantee the Sapphire USB for life against defects in
materials or workmanship.
. Micro USB
. Rechargeable
. All metal frame
. Extremely bright
. Integral Tri-RingŪ retention clip
. Stainless steel coil spring
. Interlocking hook
. Armorized GlassTM panels
. Forged aluminum panels
. Bright dip industrial anodizing
. Smooth profile
. Precision balanced
. Intermittent push switch
. Constant slide switch
. Lithium polymer battery
. Low temperature certified
. Leak proof
. Vibration proof
. Shockproof
. Impact proof
. One hand operation
Turbo USB:  $180
Turbo CR:  $145
Tungsten USB:  $100
350 Lumens
130 Lumens
Scribe AAA:  $55
Sapphire USB:  $32
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