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Call: 541-268-1974  email: tacticaltoolbox@yahoo.com
The Tactical Toolbox carries firearms through distributors and manufacturers.  The following makes are available via order and may additionally be in stock:

- STS Arms LLC
- Bushmaster
- Colt
- Spike's Tactical
- Rock River Arms
- Springfield Armory
- Century Arms, Int'l
- Steyr
- Ruger
- Glock
- SCCY Ind.
- Kel Tec
- Bersa
- Sig
- Beretta
- Smith & Wesson

The Tactical Toolbox carries firearms accessories including parts, holsters, flashlights, gunbags, optics, mounting hardware and many other gun related items.  There are too many things to list.  Please contact us to see if we have or can supply your need.
The Tactical Toolbox carries ammunition for the following rifle and pistol calibers and can special order many more calibers.  We typically stock practice and defensive ammuntion for each caliber listed.  In addition to the various calibers of loaded ammuntion we are a repository for older, unused handloading supplies.  We stock primers in large quanities, though sometimes we still run out of certain sizes of primers.

- .380 ACP
- 9x18mm Makarov
- 9mm Luger
- .38 Spl.
- .357 Magnum
- .40 S&W
- .45 ACP
- .223 Rem / 5.56mm Nato
- 5.45x39mm
- 7.62x39mm
- .308 Win / 7.62mm Nato
- 12 ga.
- various hunting calibers
The Tactical Toolbox carries firearms magazines for many different magazine fed pistols and rifles.  We specifically stock:

- Lancer for AR15 and AR10
- Cproducts  for AR15
- Springfield XD / XDm
- 1911
- CZ factory and Mec Gar
- Glock
- Styer
- Beretta
The Tactical Toolbox carries many manufacturers' products as well as manufactures its own tactical sling, Advanced Contour AR15 barrel, and produces its own T-shirts.  We stock firearms, accessories, ammunition, and ammunition components.  What we don't have in stock, we can order in to fill a particular need.

Currently we are stocking in some STS Arms coated AR15 parts and Nebo Tools flashlights.

The Tactical Toolbox manfactures an innovative, rugged, simple convertible three point sling that controls rifle movement under hands-free use while still affording enough movement to use the rifle under any shooting position except offside shoulder.  In the instance of the need for ambidextrous use, the sling easily and instantly converts to single point.  See the sling in action in our videos and learn more here.
The Tactical Toolbox manfactures cool zombie themed T-shirts popular with all types of people.