Too many tactical slings assume the user is going to be hands-on at all times during movement or action.  Two point designs are adjustable so that the user can cinch up the sling in order to secure the rifle during movement--but this leaves the rifle unuseable as the rifle cannot then be shouldered instantly.  Most sling designs do not allow ambidextrous use without first loosening the sling or essentially partially climbing out of the sling.  These kind of slings are lacking for the user who might have other things to do than just stand around with a rifle in his hands.

The TT3 sling solves these issues by using a simple tethered loop design.  Essentially, the sling is a single point sling with a tether to control the rifle during movement, allowing the user to go hands-free.  This tethered design also incorporates a quick release for the tether to allow instant conversion to single point (for ambidextrous use).  The tether does not restrict shouldering the rifle normally and can be used all the way from prone through kneelign to standing positions without adjustment.  This truly is a very versatile design and remains very simple.

Rugged webbing, buckles, top quality snap shackles, and seared web ends make this a lifetime use sling.  If any part should fail under normal expected use, The Tactial Toolbox will replace it.  The construction of the sling avoids sewing for the purpose of modularity.  Should the user prefer one type of mounting or quick release method over another, he is not stuck with the tether sewed onto the snap shackle device.  This also makes the sling easily repairable in the field shoud the sling become damaged by stray knives or other destructive forces.

The following videos show features, setup and use of the sling:

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