TRIAD Series
ASP flashlights are designed to professional law enforcement standards. They have gained a
worldwide reputation for performance. The Triad presents a new generation of high intensity
LED lights from ASP. Each Triad is precision machined from high strength aerospace
aluminum. A satin black hard coat finish is accented by an extremely durable foamed vinyl grip.
The Triad Activation System is sensitive and quiet. The rear mounted switch provides
universal orientation whengrasping the light.
The overmolded activation button is always under the thumb. The three position rotary collar
is positive and direct. In the centermost position, the switch is locked off. The collar is rotated
to the right for constant-on. To the left for intermittent light.
Each Triad combines the innovative design and unparalleled manufacturing expertise of ASP.
O-ring sealed for water resistance. Performance tested under the most severe conditions.
Triad lights are unmatched in function and durability.
Triad CR
ASP Triad provides incredible brightness in a
small format. The smart chip technology of
the Triad light automatically recognizes
battery strength and adjusts the driver to
compensate for any increase or decrease in
voltage. The light maintains a consistently
brilliant beam. The three position rotary collar
locks the light, provides intermittent
illumination or allows constant-on activation.
The Lithium power cells have a ten year shelf
life. The self-contained Parabolic Reflector
Assembly is metalized and gasket sealed. The
independent focusing elements create a room
illuminating halo as well as a penetrating
central beam of incredible brightness.
300 Lumens (ANSI Standard)
2 Hour Run Time
Hardcoat Anodized
Foamed Vinyl Grip
Easily Attached Pocket Clip
Intermittent, Locked, Constant-On Switch
5.5" Long
CR123 Lithium Batteries
Black Accessory Case
Triad CR USB
Powered by an 18650-Lithium Ion battery,
the Triad USB can be recharged on the go
using a computer laptop or any micro USB cell
phone charger. The Triad USB's revolutionary
technology produces a brilliant 300 lumens of
light with a continuous runtime of
approximately three hours.
The Triad USB's battery has a protection
circuit module to prevent overcharging or
short -circuiting, and the battery indicator on
the light blinks red when charging and turns
solid green when fully charged. The Triad USB
comes with a retractable cord, car charger,
wall charger and a zippered travel case.
300 Lumens (ANSI Standard)
2 Hour Run Time
Hardcoat Anodized
Foamed Vinyl Grip
Easily Attached Pocket Clip
Intermittent, Locked, Constant-On Switch
5.5" Long
18650 Lithium Ion Rechargeable
Black Accessory Case
Triad AA
The Triad AA features the intensity of a world-class duty light (220 lumens) with the worldwide convenience of AA batteries. Lithium power cells provide increased cold weather performance, extended shelf life and high energy density. The newly introduced lithium AA batteries by Energizer that ASP sells run eight times (8X) longer than their alkaline counterparts - ideal for duty use. The Triad AA comes with two Lithium AA batteries, a battery link case and a zippered travel case.  The run time of the Triad AA is approximately 2.5 hours.
[More ASP Lights]
[More ASP Lights]
Triad CR:  $105
300 Lumens
300 Lumens
Triad USB:  $140
300 Lumens
Triad AA:  $95
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