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firearms Training
discreet / individual / family

We conduct firearms training on a privately held range.
Therefore, discrete or private training is available.  A
class tailored to fit the individual need might be best.
Whole family training is also available--and in the kind
of private setting needed.  One-on-one training might
be the most expensive, but also is the most effective.

Call or email to schedule your training.

firearms Training

The Tactical Toolbox provides comprehensive training in
the art of the pistol, carbine, and shotgun.  Instruction
begins at the most basic levels and, through associated
trainers, can be quite advanced.

Classes currently offered include:

- Handgun Safety
- Defensive Pistol 101
- Advanced Handgun Accuracy
- Basic Carbine 1
- Basic Carbine 2
- Guerilla Sniper (associated trainer)
rifle / pistol customizing

The Tactical Toolbox is experienced in the customization
of pistols and rifles of many different types.  We work with
many different manufacturers and custom gun makers
and gunsmiths to get rifles and pistols customized to meet
the individual needs or wants of the customer.

In the case of AR15 platform rifles and 1911 pistols a lot of
work is done in house.  We also work closely with STS Arms
to get 1911 and other pistol work done.

cerakotetm refinishing - sts arms

Cerakote is the industry's premeir firearms coating.  Proper
application is key and STS Arms is the place to go for your
Cerakote needs.  The Tactical Toolbox can provide per-
-sonal oversight of your project, beginning to end, for
refinishing your firearm at STS Arms' facility.

Call or email ahead to get a more accurate estimation
for your project.


From cleaning to repair to parts replacing,
The Tactical Toolbox can supply your needs
to get your favorite firearm working.  A
lot of repairs can be done while you wait
as things often are simpler than they appear.

Call ahead to get a more accurate estimation
on your issue.


The Tactical Toolbox is a full service gun shop.  In addition to gun, ammuntion, and accessories sales, we provide gunsmithing services, Cerakote
TM refinishing, rifle and pistol customizing, and firearms training.  The Tactical Toolbox strives to be on the forefront of each service to provide exceptional quality and partners with manufacturers in order to keep up to date.