This is an improved AR15 / M4 bolt only.  It is finished in Nickel Boron coating which is recognized in the industry as a superior finish to the old phosphate treatment.  It is on par with Microslick in slickness and wear resistance.  But this is not the reason why this bolt is improved.

This bolt is manufactured individually in one process on Swiss machines instead of in trays in three processes like regular mil-spec bolts.  Therefore, the bolt features greatly improved concentricity and squareness (attributes which contribute to inherent accuracy).  Making these bolts one at a time increases production costs.

Bolt is made of proper Carpenter 158 steel, properly heat treated to avoid warpage and to maintain consistent hardness.  These bolts are mil-spec magnetic partical tested.

This completed bolt includes mil-spec phosphated extractor and ejector.  All other parts are typical mil-spec parts  (properly hardened, etc.).  The bolt is ready to go once the customer supplies the firing pin, cam pin, firing pin retaining pin and complete bolt carrier with key.

As always with TTT, this product is 100% guaranteed to work.  We stand behind our product.

Regular Price $149 complete NiB improved bolt only
Regular Price $165 bolt with firing pin, cam pin, keeper pin

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Melonite Bolt Carrier group.  Melonite bolt, carrier, key.  9310 new mil-spec variance bolt, tougher than mil-spec Carpenter 158 bolt.  Superior in every way to mil-spec.  Available in black melonite only.

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